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Artist: Kenneth Copeland Ministries  Song Played: Jesus Bore My Sin And Sickness On The Cross. I Have Redemption.  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: Thank you jesus    |    Artist: Maranatha Praise Band  Song Played: Jesus, You Are Lord  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: 24/7    |    Artist: Rich Gomez  Song Played: Yes  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: Always     |    Artist: Ross Parsley  Song Played: All We Want Is You  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: Amen and Love the bass guitar in this song. AWESOME    |    Artist: Lenny LeBlanc  Song Played: Look My Way  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: Jesus    |    

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Six Principals of a Miracle Part 1 (John 6:1 Six Principals of a Miracle Part 1 (John 6:1-14) HOT
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The only miracle recorded in all four Gospels.
Remain Blessed,
Philip Critchlow


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:D Anointed Preaching Amen 8)
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