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heart3  1.) Please help keep this website safe & family friendly-we do not allow pornography, Foul Language, lived angry remarks, or spam (advertising non-Christian material) any where on this web site.    

heart3  2.) :-) Also, because we love to fellowship with our members :-) - We might personally e-mail, send private messages, or send out new album announcements, site update newsletters  to our members from time to time - on occasion. Please keep your e-mail address updated. If you do not want to hear from us please let us know and we will move you to a do not contact list. Thank you.

heart3  3.) Please come back and sign on every once in a while and use the Awesome features of your membership (like request Songs).  Accounts are periodically checked for inactivity and disabled if not used. Thank you.

GOD bless you and thank you,
Kevin & Bonnie Spencer/
Station Owners & founders

P.S.: As a general rule we only personally e-mail our registered members-which is now made clear to our new members (see term # 2 on this registration form), or people that ask us to. We dislike spam as much as you do. Thanks Psalm 91 blessings to you all. :-)

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Hello friends! Thank you for visiting & registering for our online website community. We hope you enjoyed your stay.:-) Here are some of the benefits of your free registration...

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  • some other cool stuff...

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