Past Dedications

Artist: Gaither Homecoming  Song Played: O Come Angel Band (Featuring The Isaacs)  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: Awesome    |    Artist: Kent Henry  Song Played: In The Silence  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: Golden     |    Artist: Touching The Father's Heart  Song Played: Times Of Refreshing (featuring Bob Baker)  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: 247    |    Artist: Gary Reems  Song Played: Trust and Obey  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: Always    |    Artist: Keith Moore  Song Played: Rest Of God  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: Healing    |    

Submit your music

Have a Christian band? or do you sing for the Glory of God? We welcome and are open to internet music submissions, however this is strictly volunteer for independent/unsigned Artists. You provide us with a free original copy of your album or albums you want to submit. We require internet submissions to become members of our site (see term # 7 below). Membership is required before we can review your submission as your way showing us that you agree with our terms... 



    1. All internet music submissions must be Godly and have Christian lyrics. Please listen to our station first to see if you fit in.
    2. All internet music submissions are strictly volunteer for unsigned artists. We are not responsible for unsigned artist royalties or promotions, However you do get a buy cd link (required) on currently playing and play list pages. You can link this to a page of your choice for people to buy your album. If they do the profit is yours we do not require you to give anything in return.
    3. You will need to provide us with a free copy of the full album or albums you would like to submit before we can review it. NOTE: We do not air downloaded mp3s. Please send us professionaly recorded cds, postal mailed to us. If accepted we will let you know where to send them after you sign up. Thank you.
    4. All songs must have (square shape not retangular) album cover art. Recomended 300 x 300 pixels dimensions. Bigger dimensions will be resized to meet these dimensions.
    5. We will not gaurantee it but If we run your album submissions you will see it in a section called :-) coming soon more albums :-) on our web site.
    6. We are capable of providing you with a artist info page (not required,but preferred if possible). If you want this you will need to provide your own picture and write and send us what you want it to say compliments of our station. This will be edited for content if needed and we reserve the right to not use it or change it as we see fit. For example click on the artist Chey.
    7. If you agree to all this please show us by becoming a member of our site (required for unsigned artists). Please contact us after you are a member (please provide us your chosen username). If accepted we will then contact you with details on where to send your albums. Also we will be communicating with you on our progress. Thank you for your interest God Bless have a Psalm 91 day.

Ways to Listen...

Ways to Listen...

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:-) Newsflash :-)

Want a heads up on what new music we are planning on adding in the future?

Want a heads up on what new music we are planning on adding in the future?

You can keep track by visiting our  :-) Coming Soon More Albums :-) page.

P.S.: We are alllways on the search for new music and try to update frequently so please enjoy.