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Artist: Dave Bell  Song Played: There Is No Other Name  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: :-) :-) :-)     |    Artist: Scripture Memory Songs  Song Played: Faith Is The Substance (Hebrews 11:1, 6 - Nkjv)  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: Love it. :-)    |    Artist: Carman  Song Played: Welcome into This Place  Requested by: station DJ  Dedication: :-)    |    Artist: Danny Daniels  Song Played: Glory  Requested by: station DJ  Dedication: Psalm 91 to you all    |    Artist: Dennis Jernigan  Song Played: I Belong to Jesus!  Requested by: GODpleasers  Dedication: :-)    |    
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awmiblackwhite Andrew Wommack is the speaker on The Gospel Truth radio and television shows which can be accessed though out the world. He is a well known speaker who holds seminars world-wide. Andrew is also founder of Charis Bible College.

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