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Simple Truth

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Albums by Simple Truth in our playlist:

Simple Truth
Simple Truth
Simple Truth
Official Website of Simple Truth

Simple Truth is a contemporary Christian band performing live around North Central Washington.

New Dimensions

Simple Truth has two facets. One are the faces of many years, namely, Cathy, Jonna, and Denese, backed by the boys in the band. As a trio, the Simple Chix create tight vocal harmonies and create a touch of magic when they sing. The other facet is Simple Truth The Band, where the girls are backed by the boys, Steve, Isaac, Bradly, and Eric or Steve "Shorty". Collectively, we are known as Simple Truth, and are able to fill many different gig requests, genres, etc.

These days, we are experiencing growing pains, as in, our families are growing up, growing older, gaining new members. As a result, things are a'changing for us. Long time member Denese Sollom is embarking on a new path in life, as she has become a grandmother. At this time in life, Denese is scaling back her involvement in Simple Truth as we know it. She will continue to be involved in events where the Trio is most appropriate, small events, ladies retre

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Want a heads up on what new music we are planning on adding in the future?

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