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Judy Jacobs

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Albums by Judy Jacobs in our playlist:

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Pastor Judy serves as Co-Pastor of Dwelling Place Church International. Known as an inspiring, anointed woman of God, she proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ and true worship in the demonstration of power and love. As the youngest of 12 siblings, she began her singing ministry at  the age of eight years old.  

She has been involved with many powerful ministries including: T.D. Jakes and The Potters House, Mega Fest, Benny Hinn Crusades, Dominion Camp Meetings with Rod Parsley, Christian Woman’s Conferences, Trinity Broadcasting Network and many others facets of ministry. Her gift has given her the opportunity to travel to more than 30 countries sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Further extending the ministry, Pastor Judy has hosted annual global conferences through His Song Ministries.

Her personal passion is found in the International Institute of Mentoring program. Since 2004, she has mentored over 500 men, women, and young adults. This one-year program is designed to train, equip and impart to all who are driven in pursuing their purpose.  Pastor Judy has authored life changing, best–selling Christian books from Charisma House Publishing such as: Take It by Force, Stand Strong, Don’t Miss Your Moment and You Are Anointed For This. She has recorded eight solo albums, and her latest project, I Feel a Change, was released January 2011. She is married to Pastor Jamie Tuttle and together they have two daughters, Kaylee and Erica. 









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