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A article in CCM Magazine (June 2012) stated that “the CCM industry is seeing a resurgence of its early artists.” Listeners are clamoring to hear the songs of their youth. Radio stations are constantly playing what is new, edging out the “older” artists. But listeners still want to hear songs outside the current top 40.

That’s where GOD Speaks internet radio comes in. With a span of 4 decades (70s to the current), you will be able to request & enjoy listening to some of the artists you have been missing.

GOD Speaks plays primarily Praise/Worship music with some classical and mixes short audio teachings with a wide range of styles of Christian music from 70's, 80's, 90's, and beyond. All listeners enjoy a free premium 128kbps stereo MP3 live stream. Registered members get to enjoy Live song requests, help add lyrics to songs, rate songs, leave comments on songs, dedications, and a growing searchable play list of over 12,000 songs can be found at this website. Registration is always free. The Gospel is free. We will never charge anybody to hear the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ.

We are on the air website 24/7 days a week.

We are legally licensed & all royalties paid through Live365 and can be found and tuned in to via their station directory as well as other internet radio directories on theb web, but specifically by typing "GOD speaks" in the search box on live365. You can also tune in on this website as well as with Winamp, Windows Media Player, Real Player, QuickTime & iTunes.

The Personal Touch:

GOD Speaks is run by people, not a machine. When you listen, you're hearing hand-picked music that will help you discover GOD’S glory & get closer to Jesus at the same time & reunite with HIM there.

Mission’s Statement:

God’s support  in us through the Internet Radio Station provides listener awareness of God’s Presence; acquainting  them fundamentally through The Gospel music genre , all styles of Christian music , with His love.     


With God’s help in us, we are donating to our radio station needs.  Please give financially to help us there.

GOD Speaks internet radio is commercial free and open to anyone who wants to listen. May God bless you with provision abundantly for donating to us now. Apostle Paul states in Philippians 4:17, " not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account".

Please join us & support us financially so we can keep this tradition alive by making a contribution today Check or money order to GOD Speaks internet radio, 36 N. Chelan Ave. #112, Wenatchee, Washington . 98801 U.S.A.. Abundant Blessings to you by seed faith giving to this ministry.