a little backround..

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kevinbonniereadingps91EMLGHi, we are Kevin & Bonnie Spencer (founders/owners) of the HOLY-Spirit inspired GOD  Speaks internet radio.

Kevin was born in Wenatchee, Wa. & Bonnie in Spokane Wa. We were married on June 26th 2010 and currently reside in  Wenatchee. We both love Jesus and His praise and worship music as well as other types of Christian music.

We’ve always had a love to share the Gospel with people and discovered at the time that his music was a great way to do this. After researching other ways, we discovered SAM broadcaster as a viable tool for broadcasting the love of Jesus to the world.

Station History...
GOD Speaks Radio began broadcasting from our living room at approximately 2010 through mixpod.com (now closed) as an embedded player; with a playlist of about 200 songs from our music collection. When mixpod shut down. In november of 2011 we discovered & started using SAM broadcaster as a perfect way to get the gospel out.

In October of 2013, the Lord led us to make GOD Speaks more interactive & faster; with that change He led us to register a new domain for it.

Although, there is sometimes a kind of low listener base. At times no listener base at all, we will continue to build this music library and advertise wherever we can on what little bit of a budget we have. If you like us we do what we can to get the word out but this is up to you to decide so please tell your friends & encourage them to listen to. GOD Speaks Radio is 100% listener-supported. 

It's important to note that our playlist is personally tailored for a broad spectrum of listeners. We keep it on daily in our home and we prayerfully select the music that can be heard on it together. Unless we are personally edified we do not include the music in our playlist.

As of 2013, the station library continued to grow and  we celebrate 4 years of broadcasting. We grew from 200 tracks to now a whopping over 6000 songs (as of January 2015) from praise/worship, Christian rock, some classical and a little bit of every kind of Christian music from 70’s to now. GOD Speaks continues to broadcast every day, and even though we could financially support this project on our own, the Bible says if  you sow seed in good ground, you will be rewarded. Remember the Word of God also says to Go into all the world, preaching the Gospel to everyone everywhere. God’s music declares the Gospel and with your help we can take it even farther…...like taking care of the homeless. Thank you Jesus. :-)