Meet Kevin Spencer...

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I'm very thankful to the Holy Spirit for my beautiful and Loving Wife Bonnie  & look forward to our life together and loving others with her. I pray that the Holy spirit overflows in us as a team and we win lots of hearts to the Lord. Thank you Jesus for my beautifull wife my awesome reward.

I was raised in an alcoholic environment. I'm from Wenatchee & ended up in Bellingham 1 week before my 2lst birthday.  Back then I was going to Hillcrest Chapel where I met a brother- in- Christ who, (even with my low self-esteem) kept on showing me Christ's love.

I've always had a problem with getting close to people and through my ups and downs would push people away that cared; but he kept on showing God's love to me –always being there. We got into the Praise & Worship music and through a song, the name “Soldiers of the Light” got my attention. Shortly after that, I was reading God's Word and the scriptures to back the name up stood out. I then got baptized & started handing out tracts. That friend & I ran into each other the same night, doing the same thing & we did not plan this. This was confirmation that I was being called to Street Evangelism.

I did that for 2 years & about 27 years of age ended up back sliding & drinking on the weekends. I would go into the bars to evangelize & my friend told me I shouldn't because bars weren't of God. He rebuked me &  told me that if I kept going into bars he was going to disown me. That hurt me & I gave up on God & started thinking mistakenly that the world was more fun than Christianity.

Over time the Holy Spirit has shown me differently; I don't  think that any more. I went with the world instead of God. Over time I met a lot of alcoholic friends & started drinking, partying in my apartment with them every day. That habit progressed and snuck up on me & eventually I was drinking 24/7. 

I got evicted from a 9 year stay of my apartment over it. I lived almost 4 mo’s. homeless, drinking and getting motel rooms on weekends. One morning I woke up with a  big hangover & the Holy Spirit led me to the Greyhound Bus station. I bought a ticket to Wenatchee and came back home after being away 17 yrs. I then lived  at Hospitality House here in Wenatchee. A couple Christian  brothers there saw some good in me & led me back to the Lord. They recommended me for clothing mgr. where I lived and worked.  While there, The Holy Spirit put in my heart to reunite with my family. My dad whom I had never met before came to Wenatchee and I met him for the very first time in my life. It was a rare visit to Wenatchee. This was confirmation I was supposed to be around my family.

About 6 months later, thinking I was ready, I moved into my own apartment despite the warnings that I wasn't sober long enough; I took a tumble into my old ways.  Because of  my beautiful wife's Pastor’s (at the time) advice,  I went to a 6 mo. Christian treatment-disciple program and eventually graduated from there. I moved back to Wenatchee to the Hospitality House again clean and sober.

I'm not perfect but I have overcome the drinking; thanks to being covered in the Blood of Jesus I have never been homeless since. When I step out in Faith things always work out for the Glory of God. Thank You Jesus.                                                         

We plan on putting the time the Lord has given us on this internet radio station.  I have 5 years of web design experience; always open to learning more.  I give glory to God for this gift and I’m not going to let it waste. (Joshua 24:15)
Nowadays we are out looking for every opportunity to serve the Lord & preach the Word of God. So my prayers are that in the future we can care for the Homeless & Down trodden daily & that the Holy Spirit will touch Hearts of the homeless & the different visions the Lord has in store for our future will lead many to the Lord. (Jeremiah 29:11)

My beautiful wife and I are rewarded daily with all our needs met.  He gives us everything according to His riches in glory (Philippians 4:19) and His rewards are many more for you too.  All you have to do is ask the Lord Jesus for help, giving your life to Him and confessing Him as Lord and He will bless you too. Thank you Jesus.

Abundant Blessings on you!
In Jesus Name,
Kevin Spencer