Meet Bonnie Spencer

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When  I was 4 , Mom led me to the Lord.  I was a follower of Jesus but it wasn't until I became desperate for Him did He begin to reveal Himself to me and became real to me. That's when He began to show me step by step how to live and obey Him.  However, I am still trusting Him to help me obey Him and how to belong to Him.

God has used me mainly by giving my testimony & telling people what He has done for me.  He has healed me of Schizophrenia – I  tested normal in all tests and He healed me of degenerative disc disease. He made the discs in my spine grow back and the chiropractors say that doesn't happen naturally.

I had the privilege of meeting priceless Kevin in church. He was living at the Hospitality House and I had not yet moved to the Haven of Hope. I lived at the Haven 3 years and  4 months. Now that Kevin and I are living in my own wonderful and beautiful apartment the Lord and Kevin have given me.

Kevin and I have known each other since October of 2006 and I had the High honor of becoming his wife June 26th 2010. 

We have since volunteered at a Wenatchee day shelter, The PowerHouse Ministry Center and have held Discipleship classes there. Now the Soldiers of the Light Ministries tells the Gospel through God Speaks Internet Radio station.

Wonderful Life!,
Jesus Christ My Lord,
Bonnie Spencer